If you are looking to work with a MySQL database then you are going to need to go through a few steps to properly open up your MySQL Workbench.

1. Go to THIS LINK, change the operating system to MacOS if it already isn’t. Download the DMG archive.

If you are trying to implement forgot password functionality into your authentication then you are going to need to use a service like Nodemailer to get the job done.

These are the steps to get that done.

  1. Set up a transport on Nodemailer.

If you have dealt with JWT authentication then you probably already know that just getting a very basic set up of authentication into your application is a hard enough task.

And if you have ever wanted to make an application for a business then you may have run into the problem of the forget password functionality. From our experience this isn’t something that most people learn when first encountering authentication.

But our great developer Samuel Gemberling, took it upon himself to not only make JWT authentication using hooks, but also figured out the functionality to get the forgot password working…

If you have built a lot of React apps then you probably find yourself making the same changes over and over again. Creating your own React app template can help you be more efficient with your project because there will be less time spent on those tasks that you do so often.

At Cinque Web Development, we run into issues with always having to change the file structure of the React app when starting a new project. …

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